Universal’s new Mario Kart ride is under fire for size restrictions

It’s a classic religious question: Can Bowser (Koopa King) make a theme park ride so restrictive that he can’t even ride it?

That question is front and center for many Nintendo fans this week, with the new reports that visitors Mario Kart Ride, Bowser’s ChallengeSet to be the main draw (and only actual ride) at Universal Studios’ new Super Nintendo WorldWill just adjust Riders with a waist of 40 inches or less. This is the place But according to our colleagues my cityJoe reports on a number of people taking issue online this week with Universal’s decision to implement size limits.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge at Super Nintendo World opens in early 2023

Imported from the Japanese version of Super Mario Land, Bowser’s challenge is what’s called a “dark ride”, one of those space-efficient, thrilling arrangements. Where you are strapped into a car and then spun around a track in front of a bunch of 3D screens and real live elements. (In this case, picked up from Nintendo’s beloved Mario Kart franchise.) As such, it is not entirely clear. Why So many strict restrictions are being imposed. Certainly, it seems that an alternative solution could be used. (For example, Disney uses benches and lap bars for this type of thing, which accommodates a much wider variety of body types.)

The 40-inch waistline requirement is pretty standard at Universal Studios, where it also applies to darkrooms. Rides like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride. From personal experience, this 6′, 4″, 290-Pound The author will Note that there Is Some wiggle room on these needs when you’re actually in the park—but also that the act of forcing yourself into these seats (or using the supplied tester seat, as with Mario Kart) can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. What’s more, it all feels pretty unnecessary: TThere’s no reason for Universal not to update the size of the rides to allow a more diverse group of riders to enjoy the fun of Super Nintendo Land, especially since the opening of the new area in the park has attracted renewed interest and attention.

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