Unlucky sleeping commuter becomes playground for subway rat: video

Subways are a real rat race these days.

A sleepy commuter on the New York City subway was jolted from his slumber by one of the giant rats crawling all over his body. Newsflare video shows.

The 20-second footage shows the unidentified straphanger, dressed in gray jeans and a blue vest, being rocked to sleep from the train carriage. Unbeknownst to him, a mangy rat seizes this moment to run his leg up and over his shoulders.

The rat rider then wakes up and puts his hand behind his neck – only to see the rat crawling back under his arm.

Clearly disgusted, the man shoots and the rat collapses to the floor before the video ends, leaving viewers to wonder whether the traveler burned his rat-infested clothes or dumped them in the Hudson River. Is.

The disgusting moment a rat crawled on a sleeping passenger was caught on video.
News flare

The spine-tingling video is just the latest in New York City’s ongoing battle against vermin.

According to a recent report, maintenance crews in Battery Park City have even resorted to using dry ice to kill invasive rats.

“Here at Battery Park City, we’re no strangers to having rodents, and so we wanted to make sure we kept everything chemical-free,” said Ryan Torres, vice president of parks operations at Battery Park. able to manage them.” The city authority told The Post last month.

The problem has gotten so bad, even Mayor Adams’ Brooklyn home has not been spared. An inspector has been slapped with a summons for rat infestation after he was found rat-infested at a Bedford Stuyvesant address.

This situation prompted Adams’ former Republican presidential opponent, Curtis Silva, to respond by bringing cats into his home to combat the rodent threat.

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