Vanroy Evan Smith’s ex denies dad’s claim that she feared accused doctor-killer

The ex-wife of the man accused of biting and then stabbing a California doctor earlier this week said she was “horrified” about what happened – and made it clear that she was Never fear for your life because of

Marla Hart told The Post on Saturday that statements her father made to the newspaper a day earlier that his daughter was living in fear because of accused killer Wayne Roy Evan Smith were not true.

He said that when we were together, there was never any physical violence, there was never any domestic violence. “We divorced because we weren’t compatible.”

Smith, a 39-year-old Long Beach accountant, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly pulling emergency room doctor Michael Maimon, 58, off his bike and into an intersection, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. , where he fatally shot an injured cyclist.

“I feel completely horrified by the whole thing, horrified that it was VanRoy, and horrified that this was a person who died,” Hart said. “It doesn’t make sense what happened. It was an innocent death. I’m grieving for the victim’s family, myself and my children.”

Wayne Roy Evan Smith is accused of murdering a California doctor and then stabbing him to death.
Orange County Sheriff

He also pushed back against reports that the former couple were embroiled in a custody battle over their twin girls.

“There was no bitter custody battle,” Hart said. “He always paid his child support. I was only changing custody because I was afraid he would move.

In an interview with The Post on Friday, her father, Stanley Hart, alleged that police had been called to check on his daughter’s welfare days before the incident.

But Marla Hart said police conducted a sobriety test. after the My uncle was killed. The Post has contacted local authorities for clarification.

Marla Hart
Marla Hart said Smith was never violent towards her.
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When reached by The Post on Saturday, Stanley Hart said he may not have remembered when the welfare check took place — and his earlier comments about his daughter’s fears about Smith. Backtracked a bit on the comments as well.

“There’s a lot going on, like a whirlwind,” he said. “She just mentioned that he was acting erratically. She never said anything like her life was in danger. I would say she was scared for herself and the kids. I can’t say to what degree. But there is.

Marla Hart said she and Smith have been divorced for 10 years, and the two remain friends, even vacationing with their daughters.

Dr. Michael John Maimon
Hart said she did not know why Smith allegedly killed Mammon.
Providence Mission Hospital

When asked about reports that she made a rant about “white privilege” before allegedly stabbing Mammon, Hart said she didn’t know her ex-husband to be racist.

“His biological father is white,” she said. “He actually took a DNA test and found out he’s whiter than black. He’s from Jamaica. He’s never been about race and racial privilege. When I heard he stabbed her. The whole thing is surprising.”

Hart said she did not know why Smith allegedly killed Mammon.

“I haven’t spoken to him in over a month, so honestly, I have no idea what’s going on with him,” she said.

Smith allegedly muttered something about "white privilege" before stabbing Memon.
Smith allegedly muttered something about “white privilege” before stabbing Memon.

Hart said she was overwhelmed by the media attention and asked for privacy for herself and her daughters — and that she had not seen the horrific video of the tragic incident.

Color camera footage from a nearby home showed Memon flying on the hood of a white Lexus at the Crown Valley Parkway intersection on Pacific Coast Highway around 3 p.m. Wednesday — after which police say Smith got out. was stabbing the cyclist.

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