Victoria Justice talks about the “jealousy” rumors with Ariana Grande and how it affected her

Victoria Justice addressed the long-standing rumor that she was jealous of Ariana Grande during their time on the hit Nickelodeon show, “Victorious.” The rumor has persisted for years, fueled by social media posts and interviews with the cast members.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Justice called the rumor “stupid” and said it was time to move on. “I think we all should have moved past that,” she said. “I really wish that we could just focus on the positive and focus on the fact that it was such a special time for all of us.”

Justice went on to praise Grande’s success and said she was happy for her former co-star. “I’m just really proud of her and everything that she’s accomplished,” she said. “She’s killing it. She’s doing amazing.”

The rumor that Justice was jealous of Grande first surfaced in 2013 when the show was ending. Justice had posted a photo with the cast on Twitter, saying, “I love you guys so much. And no matter what happens, we’ll always be a family.” Grande responded with a tweet that said, “We love you too. No matter what.”

Some fans took this as a sign of tension between the two actresses, and the rumor only grew from there. However, both Justice and Grande have repeatedly denied any bad blood between them.

In fact, Grande has spoken out in defense of Justice several times, including in a 2019 tweet where she said, “I love Victoria more than words can express. I think we should all support each other.”

Justice echoed that sentiment in her recent interview, saying that she was happy to see the positive response to Grande’s latest album. “I just think it’s really great that we can all support each other,” she said.

It’s clear that Justice and Grande have moved past any rumored tension and are supportive of each other’s careers. As Justice said, it’s time to focus on the positive and celebrate the time they spent together on “Victorious.”

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