Watch HAIM sing the ABC on ‘Sesame Street’

HAIM, the pop-rock trio of sisters, recently made a guest appearance on the iconic children’s show, Sesame Street. During the episode, which aired on May 14th, the sisters sang a playful version of the alphabet song, adding in some harmonies and dance moves to make it a fun and interactive experience for young viewers.

The episode, titled “The ABCs of Moving You,” focused on teaching kids about movement and exercise through music and dance. In addition to HAIM’s performance, the episode featured Elmo and other Sesame Street characters participating in a variety of physical activities, including jumping, stretching, and dancing.

HAIM’s appearance on Sesame Street is just one of many recent collaborations between popular musicians and the show. In the past, the program has welcomed artists such as Stevie Wonder, Chance the Rapper, and John Legend to perform and teach children valuable lessons through music.

HAIM is known for their catchy pop-rock sound and energetic live performances. The band consists of three sisters – Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim – who grew up in Los Angeles and began playing music together as teenagers. They released their debut album, “Days Are Gone,” in 2013, and have since released several more critically acclaimed albums and toured extensively around the world.

Their appearance on Sesame Street is just one example of their commitment to engaging with fans of all ages and spreading their positive energy and infectious music to audiences around the world.

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