Waukesha Parade: Washington Post dismisses tweet as ‘massacre by SUV’


The Washington Post went viral in a tweet indicating the SUV massacre involved in Wednesday’s Waukesha Parade attack.

Darrell Brooks Six people, ages 8 to 81, were killed and dozens injured as a result of a holiday in memory of driving their SUV along a crowded road.

Debra Messing Explosion Media to Download Massacre as an ‘Accident’

However, a tweet from the Post puts Brooks on the vehicle rather than a career offender.

“Here’s what we know so far about the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha disaster [an] SUV, ”the magazine tweeted.

In Article Describing the events of the parade, the post relies on the vehicle as the obvious cause of bloodshed.

“A quarter mile from the Rotary Building, at 4:39 pm, an officer said, ‘Maroon Ford Escape to passersby.’ [him]According to police audio and time codes provided by Broadcastify at White Rock and Hartwell Avenues, barricades that block traffic to the parade were removed just a minute before, “the Post wrote in a report published Tuesday. More than a dozen people were injured. ”

The media was blown away by what the Wakeesh Parade attack referred to as an ‘accident’

Even after Brooks was finally mentioned in the fifth paragraph, the following paragraphs read, “The SUV then drove onto the main street, struck 40 people and killed at least five of them … down the road, following the parade route and making a turn to go to Wisconsin Avenue. Overcoming obstacles through. “

Waukesha Parade horror suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. has a long criminal history.

Waukesha Parade horror suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. has a long criminal history.
(Waukesha PD)

Critics criticized the Washington Post on social media for making the SUV a villain.

“Did the SUV drive itself? This title is shameful,” Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo, Responded.

“What did they charge for the SUV?” Viewer Contributing Editor Stephen Miller He asked.

“Oh, is it autonomous?” Washington Examiner Deputy Editor Grant Addison Surprise.

“It’s not caused by the SUV; it’s from the driver of the SUV,” Los Angeles Times columnist Pat Morrison Tweeted.

“Hope the SUV has a good lawyer,” said Chuck Ross, a Washington Free Beacon reporter That was ironic.

“Blaming firearms for shooting and SUVs for truck attacks. There’s minimal stability,” Daily Caller reporter Anders Hagstrom Has been written.

“I beg someone to seriously argue that this is not intentional,” said Noam Blum of Tablet Magazine Tweeted.

“It’s not caused by an SUV. It’s a deliberate attack by a horrible person. There is no reason to call it an accident or blame anything other than a driver,” said political commentator Josh Jordan. Responded.

The Washington Post did not immediately respond to LBL’ request for comment.


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