WayV has announced a new release date for their upcoming mini-album ‘Phantom’.

SM Entertainment has announced a revised release date for WayV’s upcoming mini album ‘Phantom’.

China-based unit NCT announced last month that they will be making their long-awaited comeback to music with their fourth mini-album, ‘Phantom’, which is scheduled for release on December 9th.

However, Label V took to the boyband’s Twitter account last week (December 1) to announce that the release of the record has been delayed. The announcement came a day after it was announced, though the reason for the delay was not made clear. Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin has died.

Music label Phantom tweeted today (December 8th) that it will now be available on December 28th. “Once again, we ask for your kind understanding, especially the fans who are waiting for WayV’s fourth mini-album. “Phantom”. Please give your full support to the album which will be released on December 28th,” Label V said in a statement.

When the album was first announced last month, the company said in a press release that “Phantom” would consist of eight tracks from “a variety of genres,” including the title track — six of which are new. The EP contains two singles released as standalone tracks last year: the Xiaojun and Kun duet “Back To You” As of June 2021, a joint track by Ten and Yang Yang was also released in August 2021.

Along with the announcement, the South Korean label and its Chinese subsidiary Label V also unveiled the track art for “Phantom”. The band’s first concept image for Phantom also features the unit’s faceless silhouettes.

Notably, the band footage featured only six of WayV’s seven original lineup, leading to speculation among fans that Lucas may not have been involved in the making of this record. The Hong Kong-born member has been on an indefinite hiatus since August last year after being embroiled in a cheating and gaslighting scandal. However, neither SM Entertainment nor Label V have made an official statement regarding his relationship with “Phantom” at the time of publication.

“Phantom” marks WayV’s first music release in a year and nine months. Their last record was the March 2021 mini-album Kick Back.

Before WayV’s comeback was announced, the six-piece Chinese unit recently appeared on NCT’s reality show. Welcome to the world of NCT, officially introduced several SM Rookies trainees to the public. Led by NCT ​​bandmates Shotaro and Sungchan, Welcome to the world of NCT WayV has seen appearances alongside other NCT units such as NCT 127 and NCT Dream for speaking segments and performances.

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