What is a kink test on ticktalk and how do you take it?


Ticktack has found another vague “challenge”, but this time, it’s a personality test.

The online questionnaire, which gives users a breakdown of their sexual type, is taken up by a short-form video platform instead of a little personal information.

If many ticktack users refer to the quiz as a “kink test,” it is formally called BDSM testing And was founded in 2014 to help “determine which labels or startup kinksters are appropriate.”

“Fun and educational testing” comes in two forms, “short and simple test, with reasonable accuracy” for those who are a little interested in finding out how their risk shakes, and “maximum accuracy” version “strongly for BDSM.”

The questions are formulated as a checklist of statements, which the test taker does not fully agree with. Statements include: “I want to make sex decisions for my partner because it gives me more control,” “I enjoy it when people see me naked or having sex” and “I want to have sex with many people at the same time.”

The site then grants a percentage of the sexual qualities of the takers and to what extent they say they are, among other answers, a voyeur, obedient, vanilla, brat, sadist, performer and masochist.

This test, which has been available online for many years, has recently started trending on ticktalk as fans post pictures of their results and talk to them.

Other tests to find viral on the platform include a recent color personality test and a test to help women find out if they are secretly gay.

The first helps internet users decide what color their vibe is, and the second just reiterates the feminist concept that someone should not be aware that they are actually gay, it will help them find out.



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