Which three zodiac signs are most likely to cheat and break hearts?

In the immortal words of Hank Williams, “Your cheating heart will tell you,” and this astrologer tells it like it is by dressing up liars, cheaters, cheaters, shadow balls, and the reproaches of the zodiac.

The revelation that GMA co-hosts TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are engaged in an affair that has spanned months and at least a marathon and a half is the latest in an ever-expanding landscape of celebrity cheating scandals.

Claimed only last year serial trash bag jesse james Adam Levine, who was accused of cheating on his pregnant wife and married, “crossed the line” was caught in a DM dumpster fire. Twitter is the foundation for gold.

Honestly, cheating is more of a human condition than a zodiac sign, but there are certain astrological energies that indicate a propensity for adultery. If the sun, moon, or Venus falls in one of the following signs, the eye is lost and the definition of commitment is loose. But remember folks, cheating is always a choice and we can all do our part with honesty.

With that in mind, I bring you a list of zodiac signs that are most likely to cheat.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini Scott Disick is a fast-talking, story-changing, serial cheater.
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Although Gemini would rather talk about sex than have sex, they won’t say no to the odd thing if they’re bored or lonely.

Ruled by communicative Mercury, Gemini people are an inquisitive bunch who crave a lot of mental stimulation, whether it’s provocative nudity or illicit conversation. Although most of them prefer to talk about sex, they do not say no to the odd thing if they are bored or lonely. Gemini is associated with fluidity in relationships and flexibility when it comes to moral standards, and they also spend a fair amount of their daily lives trying to get rid of their bad behavior. In this way they use selective amnesia and other dubious justifications to justify their negligence.

The real excuses I’ve heard for cheating on twins include, “I was in a different time zone, so it never happened,” and “I was a different person then,” which was last Sunday. When it comes to the ability to light the gas, Gemini is absolutely unmatched, so if you’re in a relationship, be prepared to let go of your doubts and heal your trust issues.

Ditching your partners is the preferred form of cardio for Gemini cheaters, liars, and questionable friends like Scott Disick. Kanye West, Donald Trump and Eddie Cibrian. Moon twins like it Lamar Odom and Jesse James Prove that the presence of the moon in this mutable sign is equally doubtful.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

The couple was caught cheating.
Libras lie to avoid conflict and responsibility.
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Libras lie like the language of love and flirt like their lives depended on it.

No one lies or cheats as easily as a Libra. These people have an extraordinary ability to lubricate the social situation, avoid conflicts, avoid responsibility and hide their extramarital affairs. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and the bane of ugly details, Libras lie like the language of love and flirt like their lives depended on it. They do not like to be alone and love praise, which helps to cheat.

We see this tendency to cheat in questionable scales Mario “I cheated on my fiancee at the bachelor party” LopezUsher “These Are My Confessions” Raymond & Shaggy, the artist behind the ballad of denial, “It wasn’t me.” In terms of moon placement and red letters, Libra moons like TJ Holmes, Jude Law and Claire Danes Leading the pack, Sagittarius sun / Libra moon rap legend Jay-Z is one of the most famous examples of infidelity. After his filth, our man was caught Solange’s sister crashed the elevator and in the guise of his wife incurred the fierce wrath of a hated woman Beyoncé’s critically acclaimed Lemonade album.

Jay said about his failures The New York Times, “The hardest thing is to see the pain you caused on someone’s face and then you have to deal with it yourself.” I would argue that the hardest part is being humiliated in front of everyone and passing for Becky with good hair, but you do, Jay, we’re all a work in progress.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

TORONTO, ONTARIO - AUGUST 01: NBA champion Tristan Thompson attends the Amari Thompson Soiree 2019 in support of epilepsy at The Globe and Mail Center on August 1, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
Tristan Thompson plays the game, heartbroken Pisces.
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As a mutable water sign, Pisces people struggle a lot with boundaries and are always into poetry, which makes them easy signs for extramarital affairs. They may not look for an opportunity to get lost, but they don’t shy away from it either, and in Pisces Moon Amy Robach, they might just run toward it. Pisces is the type of escapist who loves anything that provides an escape from reality. While booze, drugs, housing and Christmas movies are their preferred escape, they’ll settle for a wet-eyed, lower back, broken wing and a sad song to sing them. .

Some real all-star philanderers have been Pisces, including but not limited to Tristan “lovechild” ThompsonAdam “name my son after my master Levin” apex dirt bag pederast Josh Duggar and Robin Thicke Wrote the most Pisces moves of all time The COMPLETE apology album after he cheated on his wife Paula Patton. A word to the wise and stray eyes, if you’re never hurt, you don’t have to try too hard to fix it. Don’t be sad, be better.

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