Who is representing the UK at Eurovision 2023?

As Eurovision 2023 approaches, fans of the popular singing competition are eagerly anticipating the performances of the various countries taking part. One question on many people’s minds is, who is representing the UK at Eurovision 2023?

The UK’s representative for Eurovision 2023 has been announced, and it’s none other than rising star Griff. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter was chosen to represent the UK after winning the BBC’s “Eurovision: You Decide” competition earlier this year.

Griff, whose real name is Sarah Faith Griffiths, hails from Kings Langley, a village just outside of London. She began her music career in 2019, and quickly gained attention with her unique sound, which blends pop, R&B, and electronic music.

Since winning the BBC’s Eurovision competition, Griff has been hard at work preparing for the competition. She’s been collaborating with some of the UK’s top songwriters and producers to create a song that will showcase her talents and hopefully win over the judges and the audience.

The UK has a mixed record at Eurovision in recent years. The country has not won the competition since 1997, and in recent years has struggled to make it to the final. However, with Griff’s talent and the support of her fans, there is hope that she could be the one to turn the UK’s fortunes around.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be held in Liverpool, UK, following the country’s victory in the 2022 contest with the song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” by the Italian band Måneskin. The semi-finals are scheduled to take place on May 16 and 18, 2023, with the grand final on May 20, 2023.

Griff will be facing tough competition from the other countries taking part in Eurovision 2023, but with her talent and hard work, she could be the one to bring the trophy back to the UK. Fans of the singer and of Eurovision will be eagerly anticipating her performance, and rooting for her to succeed on the international stage.

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