Will Ferrell Plays Cowbell in Son’s First Live Show

Will Ferrell performed his iconic cowbell at his son Magnus’ first live show.

As Rolling Stone Magnus and his band reportedly opened for Psychedelic Furs at a recent charity event Cancer for college. The organization was founded by Will’s former roommate, Craig Pollard, and “provides need-based college scholarships and educational experiences to cancer survivors.”

The set included three original songs as well as a cover of Radiohead’s 1992 single “Creep”. One of Magnus’ own songs is “Back to Your Place,” which saw the actor give a nod to his dad’s “More Cowbell” sketch. Saturday Night Live.

Magnus then shared a series of photos from the event on Instagram. Two of the photos show Will ringing a cowbell next to his son on stage. “Damn, that was fun,” Magnus captioned the post.

You can see the footage below.

A sketch called “More Cowbell” aired SNL in 2000 and was written by Will along with Donnell Campbell. It stars Christopher Walken as a music producer in the studio recording songs with the band.

Walken’s character asks musician Gene Frankl (portrayed by Will) for “more cowbells” when the band’s tracks are taken several times. “I have a fever and the only prescription is more cow!” – says the producer.

The skit is one of the best SNL “more cowbell” has become a catchphrase in pop culture. In 2018, Will Ferrell rang a cowbell during Chris Martin’s performance at a charity concert.

Magnus Ferrell was released “In its place” last month, following the singles “Love Drunk”, “Held You So” and “Hold My Hand”.

In other news, Will Ferrell recently shared the details of his most prized souvenir Step brothers film set – testicular prosthesis. “I’ll bring them to dinner,” said the actor.

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