Will Smith says ‘Emancipation’ co-star spat on him: ‘It was mentally tough’

Before the famous “Hitch” hit, there was the “Hitch” splat.

Will Smith has revealed how he was left speechless after he was ‘spit on’ by a co-star while filming Emancipation, months before the infamous slap heard around the world. The Oscar winner denied the shocking claim during a teaser for her upcoming appearance on Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk with her children Trey, 30, Jayden, 24, and Willow, 22.

“It was tough emotionally, physically, mentally,” Smith, 54, said. Discussing the movie “Emancipation”. in the clip. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor portrays a runaway slave who takes refuge in Louisiana in the Antoine Foucault-directed drama, which is based on a true story.

He claims that the actors got so into character that at one point one of his co-stars spat in his face during filming.

Will Smith recalled spitting in his face while filming Emancipation.
Quantrell Colbert

“On one of the first days on set, one of the actors was filming and he leaned in my face and said, ‘You’re cold, aren’t you?’ says. and then he ad-libbb, “Ali” actor, before spitting Willow pantomime. She then showed off her amazing reaction to the unscripted wild moment as her children fell over laughing.

Smith added: “I was told ‘Makeup!’ No, but it was. . . I was like, wow, every actor on that set was taking it really, really seriously.

Poster for "Emancipation".
Poster for “Emancipation”.
©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy of Everett Collection

Smith did not reveal the identity of the expectorant colleague. However, the recognition came in the wake of an infamous incident at the Oscars in March 2022, in which Smith bashed Chris Rock for bashing his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia.

As punishment for the attack, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned Philadelphia from all Academy events for 10 years.

After months of staying on the subject, Smith addressed the harrowing saga on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” last month.

“I was gone,” he told Noah. “It was an anger that had been pent up for a very long time.”

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on stage during the 94th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theater on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California.
Will Smith (R) slaps Chris Rock on stage during the 94th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theater on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California.
AFP via Getty Images

The puncher claimed he was “going through something” and lost his cool that night.

“It was as horrible a night as you can imagine,” he said. “You know, there are a lot of nuances and complexities to it, but at the end of the day, I just lose it and I’m like, what am I going to say? [is] You never know what someone is going through.”

Smith did not specify what problems he faced, only saying that “it’s a lot.” “He was a boy who saw his father beat his mother,” he said. “You know, that’s when it all came out. That’s not who I want to be.”

In fact, the “Men in Black” actor does not blame those who have not forgiven him for his actions.

In an interview with Fox 5, Smith said he “totally” understood if people were “not ready” to see “Emancipation” because they needed time to heal.


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