Will TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Find Love After ‘GMA’ Scandal? The astrologer explains

Good Morning quarrel.

In a year of broken homes and heartbreaks, “GMA3” co-hosts TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are the latest celebrities to be accused of leaving their spouses.

It was reported at the beginning of December The two balls were a deep and extramarital passion that lasted several months. NBC recently announced its decision remove the pair from the air states that their relationship is a source of “internal and external distraction”.

The lines between profession and passion are both blurred At the beginning of 2022, he began to prepare for the New York Half Marathon. Endorphins were flowing, the sweet rotten smell of the city wafted in the morning, and the sound of expensive sneakers on dirty pavement made the heart beat and libidos rise. That’s a classic recipe for adultery, folks.

Reportedly, both in August, leaving their spouses for each other, they were seen “canoodling”. (The second most common English word after “wet”) in New York.

Robach and Holmes have been photographed together at bars and clubs in upstate New York.
ABC via Getty Images

After their relationship was revealed, Robach’s split with Pisces husband Andrew ShueA genre that resembles Kennedy or the type of actor who plays him is being identified. The couple married in 2010 following her split from Tim McIntosh, the father of their two teenage daughters. In turn, Holmes was in the process of restoring his marriage to his wife, Marilee Fiebig, an immigration attorney, when his affair with Robach began. Holmes and immigration attorney Fiebig outdid themselves past betrayal but looked to be on the road to reconciliation as she celebrated her birthday in the Bahamas in August. Sigh. The former couple has one child, daughter Sabin.

Robach and Holmes’ situation is chaotic, human, openly public, and apparently a thorn in their side for their Sagittarius GMA counterpart. For Robin Roberts years. And to make matters worse, “GMA3” anchor Amy Robach and TJ Holmes among them was taken out of the air bomb case scandal. What do the stars say for these handsome, bad-tempered news anchors? Read on to learn more.

Contradictions attract and arouse interest

Opposites attract Aquarius sun Amy Robach and Leo TJ Holmes.
New York Road Runners via Getty

Robach’s Mars, the planet of will and action, suggests a roll of the dice and a clowning around where the affectionate, ultimately shrugging Sagittarius is.

Born August 19, 1977, TJ Holmes is a diplomatic Libra Moon, weak Cancer Venus and Leo Sun with Gemini Mars. In contrast and contrast, Amy Robach, born February 6, 1973, is an Aquarius Sun with a sharp Pisces Moon, objective Aquarius Venus and IDGAF Sagittarius Mars. In astrology, the sun is our primary identity, shining a light on our path to self-realization.

As Leo and Aquarius, Holmes and Robach’s sun signs are polar, meaning they sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. The article states that opposites attract and polarities in relationships show wild differences and deep intrigue. Of the two, Leo is the more demonstrative and romantic, willing to be big and bold when it comes to love. While Aquarius is a bit more cautious and emotionally objective, Robach’s Mars, the planet of will and action, is kind in good times, and the result is shrugging Sagittarius, which suggests clowning and dice-rolling.

Robach and Holmes have reportedly been dating since at least March.
Robach and Holmes have reportedly been dating since at least March.
ABC via Getty Images

Inside every Leo lives a star child who needs to be assured of their own worth, fed on strawberry stars and told that they are the sun.

When lions like Holmes begin to feel that their loved ones have stopped worshiping at the altar of their own glory, when the incense is extinguished and the compliments fall flat, they tend to go out and oxygenate the attention of someone else. they did. I’m sure every lion has a star child inside that needs to be reassured of its worth, fed strawberry stars and told that they are the sun itself.

Aquarius people like Roebach make Leos like Holmes feel aspirational. Leos want to have a cool, controlled, self-confident genius, because they are water carriers by nature. In terms of relationships, Leo encourages Aquarius to indulge in fun, and Aquarius reminds Leo that what they do is more important than how they look.

In astrology, the moon represents our instincts, our emotional needs, and how we approach satisfying them. This is news The wife of TJ Holmes has turned a blind eye to the revelation of his relationship Libra, who tends to avoid ugly truths and difficult confrontations, speaks to his moon. Reports of Holmes going back and forth with his wife also hint at his hot-and-cold, fiercely determined, downright maddening Mars in Gemini. The beauty of a Libra Moon is the ability to sense when the dynamics of a relationship are off or threatening equality. The failure of Libras lies in their inability to directly address these differences and imbalances.

Amy Robach.
Amy Robach is an Aquarius Sun with a Pisces Moon.
Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com

Robach’s moon is in squishy, ​​escapist Pisces. With this moon placement, there is a strong suggestion that Robach likes flights of fancy and anything that helps him escape reality. Often, Pisces people turn to drugs, alcohol, and seeking to escape/forget about the other person. There’s a real need to fade away and disappear with a Pisces moon, as it’s the natural habitat of love addicts and greenies. Leo suns like Holmes love a Pisces moon, which pampers them all day and makes them look at their flaws. Moon Pisces surrounds Leo with praise and gossamer, promises and delusions, while Leo speaks softly and cries easily.

What’s in the stars?

It’s always hard to touch when a relationship starts in the frying pan of infidelity – it’s hot and it burns, and trust always struggles to grow in scorched soil. History shows you that love can flourish both after and within betrayal, looking at you Leanne Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Jessica Sklar and Jerry Seinfeld, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, and perhaps most famously, plump and fated Richard . Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Not for nothing, people, these couples are positively WASH in placing water. Who’s to say if Holmes and Robach will sink or swim once their illicit allure is replaced by the full freedom of all the cards on the table. As the resident romantic, I support love in all its terrible, myriad forms, and I hope that all parties, be they scorned or mocked, find evolution and wholeness in their relationships.

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