Woman’s body found in trash can on Florida Gulf Coast: FBI

A woman’s body was found wrapped in a garbage bag on Florida’s Gulf Coast over the weekend.

It was found around 12:40 a.m. on Saturday at the mouth of Tampa Bay off the coast of Egmont Key. The US Coast Guard confirmed to FOX 13. Crews first attempted to locate the body, which was found by fishermen.

According to witnesses, they speared fish when they went diving. When they went to the next place, they found a garbage bag. They tried to pick it up, but quickly realized it wasn’t garbage.

After cutting open the plastic and canvas bag inside, they said they saw skin and could be a bra or bikini. According to witnesses, they made an emergency call shortly after the discovery.

The woman’s remains were found 13 miles off shore, according to St. Pete police.

The FBI is the lead agency investigating the incident since the body was found in federal waters.

Authorities have not yet identified the woman. According to local reports, the woman was described as middle-aged.

Fishermen found a woman’s body wrapped in a garbage bag on the Florida Gulf Coast.
Fox 13
US Coast Guard
The Coast Guard confirmed the body was found off the coast of Egmont Key near Tampa Bay.
Fox 13


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