WWE put Dowdrop on Nia Jax’s spot on Raw


Nia Jax is one of the many WWE main roster wrestlers who has been slashed in recent releases of the company. The creativity gap reserved for Jax is clearly filled. Dowdrop is believed to be a replacement after Nia was dismissed.

Dave Meltzer predicts today Wrestling Observer Radio WWE wants Niall back from his mental health break by mid-November. At the same time Dowdrop took her place. He says this is the only explanation that makes sense.

“The dowdrop spot is probably the place they wanted Nia Jax because if you remember they wanted Nia Jax back in mid-November and they dismissed her when she said no, and the Dowdrop thing started, you know.

You think the Doudrop kinda fits and the heel turn is really fast, so I think they booked Nia Jax for that spot, because it makes sense, whatever they do. He went with Dowdrop when he removed her from work.

Nia Jax is expected to return from her hiatus, but she has heard an extension. Her return was scheduled for November 15. She was fired on November 18 for another round of WWE wrestler releases.

Nia Jax said she was devastated when she learned that the company was letting her go. Many fans and fellow wrestlers believe she is unsafe to work with. Time will tell if she will ever wrestle again.

Are you happy with the way Dowdrop fills the role of Nia Jax on Raw? Let us know in the comments!

Transcription by LOVEBYLIFE News

November 23, 2021 1:23 pm


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