WWE Superstars didn’t know the draft would split their tag teams until they saw it on social media


WWE generally does not inform draft superintendents about their draft placement. The WWE Draft of 2021 was no different, and only a handful of select superstars hinted at their destinations. Some tag teams were also split, but this came as a big surprise to the superstars involved.

According to a new report from The choice of fighting, Some WWE tag teams didn’t know their team was nixed until they saw a supplemental draft roll on social media. Those announcements were broken on RAW Talk and Talking Smack, but many fans learned about the changes via Twitter and Facebook.

Several teams spit out, including Weir and Shanky, Mays and T-Bar, Shotji and Knox, and Natalie and Tamina Snuka. AJ Styles and Omos remain the RKBro team. Street Profits was discussed for a split, but as the LOVEBYLIFE News reported separately, WWE contemplated the division of each team. Fightful reported that teams were given a very interesting response when asked about their future.

The fight heard about instances when people asked for meaning in creating individuals instead of teams in the story’s perspective, and that didn’t matter. Asked if it would be followed during the show, he said that as of last week, the inquest had not yet been decided. There were teams who learned on social media that they would split up.

It’s unclear who found out about their split on social media, but it was for some. When superstars asked about the status of their teams, we were told the same response.

WWE has always had an interesting experience with the draft and this year is no different. Now that RAW is in their “new era” and cooking on Friday with SmackDown’s new roster, we won’t see them clash again until November’s Survivor Series.

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