Yankees Coach Shakeup Aaron Boone can offer insight into the holding


No matter who is dugout for the Yankees this season – and not two weeks after Aaron Boone’s status is finalized – the team’s decision-making process will look different in 2022.

The Yankees will certainly not shy away from their analytics driven process, and they can strengthen that.

Teams remaining in the playoffs – the Red Sox, Astros and Dodgers in particular – have used the same approach the Yankees used. They are good at it.

Obviously, the Dodgers got good results using Cory Nebel as an opener, followed by Julio Urias, the Yankees in Game 5 of the NLDS in San Francisco on Thursday night against Dewey Garcia and JA Happ against Game 2 beams of the ALDS.

The Yankees’ decisions at the start of the offseason – if they were to sign off on hitting coach Marcus Thames and third base coach Phil Nevin – they would go hard in that direction.

Aaron Boone’s future with the Yankees is uncertain.
Robert Sabo

It remains to be seen how it will affect them if they return to the Bronx.

Nevin is one of his closest friends in the game, with Boone leaning on him in various capacities.

Whoever takes the place of the coaching staff is undoubtedly in line with the analytical point of the front office, with Nevin clearly saying something after being caught in the canister.

“I love players, I love relationships,” Nevin said Thursday. “It’s disappointing that the game has changed, and [those relationships are] Some new people in the game are not preferred.

Boone was sometimes criticized for his use of some dubious bullpen, and his in-game decision-making was never considered a force.

However, other factors, such as off-days for players, have mostly come from Boone, and it is difficult to see how that would change if the Yankees’ analysis was doubled in 2022.

The rest of the day may have led to the Yankees playing their one-game wild card showdown in Boston instead of Stadium.

Giancarlo Stanton said it was important not to let any game slip, regardless of the situation.

Stanton said “every game counts” after the wild card defeat, when Green Monster took at least two homers. “It doesn’t matter if it’s in March [or] April. All we need is one more and we have it at home. They come back to bite you. ”

Bune and General Manager Brian Cashman have strongly backed the idea that Buehn was only there to fulfill the demands of the front office, and he clearly had little control. But no deal has been reached between the two sides, and with three members of their coaching staff saved (so far), it is fair to wonder if the delay is about control.

Boone could return for a one-year deal with the team’s selection in the second for Tue. Cashman’s contract will be up next season.

But as the Cardinals proved in a year of “philosophical disagreements” to sack manager Mike Schild, he got them into the NL wild-card game after a 17-game win, saying no manager was safe until the organization.



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