You can now add your COVID vaccine card to Apple’s Apple Wallet. Here’s how to set it up


Having an iPhone? You can now keep a digital version of your COVID-19 vaccine card in your phone’s Apple Wallet.

On Monday, Apple released iOS 15.1, an update to its operating system for iPhones, which introduces features, including SharePlay, to share the experience of watching movies directly on FaceTime.

The update includes the option for iPhone owners to add their COVID vaccine cards directly to Apple Wallet.

Apple introduced this feature last month. When iOS 15 came out in September, Apple gave iPhone users the option to collect vaccine and test result records from providers in the health app.

Users have several options to add their vaccine card to Apple Wallet. If using the QR code, iPhone owners will scan it with their camera, tap the Health app notification, and then add it to the Wallet and Health apps.

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You can download a verifiable health record from your provider and add it to Health and Wallet apps. If you already have your vaccine record in the health app, open it and add it directly to the wallet.

The wallet card displays your name, which covid vaccine you received, the dates of your doses, the health care provider, and the QR code.

The update is one of several ways smartphone owners can easily keep a copy of their COVID vaccine cards for verification purposes. Samsung and Google offer wallet apps just like Apple, where you can store them.

If you prefer a simpler option, users can snap a photo of their physical COVID card to keep on their phone.

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