Zelena Vega shows off her new tattoo


Zelina Vega has told fans that she is getting a new tattoo soon. Today, WWE Superstar shares a new ink on his Instagram story. Zelena noticed that she was putting on another Naruto tattoo. She is a big fan of the Japanese manga series.

The tattoo shows the eyes of several characters in deep concentration. It looks like Vega is collecting Naruto tattoos Shared Some neji ink she recently made for her leg. Looks like this new tattoo set is complete. She recently put on a Pokemon Tattoo.

Zelena Vega is constantly coming up with new ideas for tattoos. It seems she gets some new ink every two months. While on a honeymoon with Malakai Black, she got new ink.

Vega defeated Dowdrop and won the first Queen’s Crown Tournament. Shortly after leaving WWE, she re-signed with the company over the summer just as her husband moved to AEW. Since then, she has defeated Dowdrop in a rematch while performing her new queen duties.

Her alienation from the WWE came when she was released because she opposed WWE’s need for talent to give up control of third-party accounts. Jelina is a very popular streamer. She has 81,000 followers Cramps Channel.

She was brought back and immediately took a leading role in the company’s women’s division. Zelena Vega defeated Tony Storm, Carmella and Dowdrop to win the inaugural Queen’s Crown Tournament. He will team up with Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan and Carmella to represent SmackDown in the Survivor Series.

What is your opinion of Jelina’s new ink? Let us know in the comments!

November 15, 2021 4:34 pm


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